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What information do you need to provide for the Mid Autumn Festival customized gift bag?

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The annual Mid Autumn Festival is coming soon.Many customers will customize gift paper bags for the gifts of the Mid Autumn Festival.What information do you need to provide?

When customizing gift paper bags,as a paper bag printing factory,we want to know the printing process and material of gift paper bags.If the weight of paper is different,the production cost will be different.Of course,the price of gift paper bag is different.Conversely,how can the price of gift paper bag made of white cardboard and gift paper bag made of kraft paper be the same?As for the process,it is simpler.Compared with printing,stamping process needs more workers and equipment.Is it unreasonable that there is a price gap?Of course,some people will ask,I don’t know the material,weight and process of gift paper bags.How can I tell you?Then you should at least provide the paper bags you like,the weight of goods and your requirements for beauty.When you tell these data to the merchants,the merchants will naturally recommend the materials you need according to their own experience.

In addition to materials and technology,the number of gift paper bag printing is also critical.There is a great relationship between the price and quantity of customized gift paper bags,because in the process of production,there will be a lot of fixed expenses,such as printing start-up costs and production mold costs,which are bound to be generated.They will not increase because of the production,nor will they decrease because of the production of 100000.These are fixed expenses,so when the number of paper bag printing plants is less,they will be shared equally The lower the cost,the higher the price.When asking about the price,the paper bag manufacturer must tell the quantity to the gift paper bag manufacturer,so as to get the most reasonable price.

If you have never been in touch with or understood anything about the gift paper bag printing before,it is suggested that you communicate with the paper bag printing factory in detail and tell the printing factory the quantity and budget of the gift paper bags you want.At this time,the paper bag printing factory will recommend the gift paper bags suitable for you according to your needs.

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