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Common mistakes of automatic paper bag machine

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Automatic paper bag machine is to roll paper folding,forming,bag cutting,gluing,folding bottom,paste bottom,finished bag output completed at one time,but there will be errors,let’s take a look at the automatic paper bag machine bag common mistakes.

There are spots and bubbles on the cover

The front cover with spots and bubbles refers to the uneven sealing surface.

Occurrence factors

The heat sealing knife or heat sealing silica gel pad is uneven.

When heat sealing is carried out on the structure of hygroscopic material rich in nylon film,bubbles will occur when hygroscopic film is hygroscopic.

Lack of heat seal pressure.

The use of one component adhesive,such as chloroprene rubber adhesive,in the heat sealing bag.The hot cover is easy to show uneven pits.

The upper and lower films are forbidden

The upper and lower film to forbid refers to the question that the front and back sides are not aligned when making bags.

Occurrence factors

The thickness of the composite film is uneven,and there is a lotus edge.

The tension of double lifting roller is too small.

Some rolls do not rotate smoothly.

Scale error

Occurrence factors

Operation factors,such as improper tension control,lack of pressure setting of pressure cylinder of rubber roller,etc.It’s forbidden to follow with electric eyes.The influence of the processing speed of the plastic composite film bag.The difference of bag length and fixed length system of bag making machine is large.

Although there are some mistakes in the automatic paper bag machine bag,it is still an ideal equipment for the production of shopping bags,clothing bags,leisure food bags,bread bags,vomiting bags,dried fruit bags and other environmental protection paper bags.

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