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Fy-10ef hot melt adhesive hand-held machine

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Product introduction:

Fy-10ef hot melt adhesive handle machine is mainly used with semi-automatic paper bag machine, which can quickly produce round rope handle. In the later stage, the handle can be manually pasted on the paper bag to make it into a handbag. The machine uses two rolls of narrow web paper and a roll of p…

Detailed introduction



 This machine is mainly supporting semi-automatic paper bag machines. It can quickly produce paper handle with twisted rope, which can be attached onto the paper bag without handles in further production and make it into paper handbags. This machine takes two narrow paper rolls and one paper rope as raw material, sticks scraps of paper and paper rope together, which will be cut off gradually to form paper handles. In addition, the machine also has automatic counting and gluing functions, which can greatly improve the efficiency of subsequent processing operations of users.






  1. The machine is easy to operate and can produce paper handles with high speed usually reach 130 pairs per minute.
  2. We design and offer the optional auto-production line, which can automatic gluing replace the human gluing procedure so that help to reduce lots of labor cost. It is strongly advice the paper bag producing factory use the auto-produce line that also support customize.
  3. The unit paper bag can lift the heavy things of 15 kg at most, when the tension of raw materials reaches a certain level.
  4. This machine adopts Huangshang melt-glue machine of Taiwan with service points in many countries, can provide customers with the fastest service.


纸卷内径 Paper Roll Core Diameter   Φ76 mm(3”)
最大纸卷外径 Max. Paper Roll Diameter   Φ1000mm
生产速度 Production Speed   5000-8000pairs/hour
输入电源 Power Requirements   380V
机器功率 Total Power   7.8KW
机器重量 Total Weight   Appr.1500kg
外形尺寸 Overall Dimension   L4000*W1300*H1500mm
纸片长度(A) Paper  Length   190mm(Optional)
纸绳间距(B) Paper Rope Handle Spacing   95mm(Optional)
纸片宽度(C) Paper Width   35/40mm
纸绳高度(D) Paper Rope Height   100mm
纸绳直径 Paper Roll Diameter   3.0-4mm
粘接剂 Glue Type   Hot-melt glue热熔胶


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