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Fy-400f rewinder

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Product introduction:

Fy-400f rewinder is mainly used with the paper rope machine. With the rope coil of the paper rope machine as raw material, the rope coil is quickly released at one end and rewound at the other end through the high-speed rotation of the machine axis. It can not only expand the outer diameter of the f…

Detailed introduction

This machine mainly support twisted paper rope machine. This machine takes the paper rope roll produced from twisted paper rope machine as the raw material, releases the roll on one shaft and twines it on the other shaft on the machine. This machine can not only enlarge the diameter of the paper rope roll, but also eliminate rope knots in the raw paper rope roll, so that the application efficiency of paper rope roll can be greatly improved in further productions.


原绳卷内径 Core Diameter of Raw Rope Roll   76 mm
最终绳卷内径 Core Diameter of Final Rope Roll   180 mm
最终绳卷外径 Final Rope Reel Diameter   400-500mm
生产速度 Max. Production Speed   80-150M/min
输入电源 Power Requirements   380V
机器功率 Total Power   2.2KW
机器重量 Total Weight   Appr.150KG
外形尺寸(长X宽X高) Overall Dimension   L1050mm×W800mm×H1200mm




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