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Fy-888 fully automatic flat rope hand machine

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Product introduction:

Fy-888 fully automatic flat rope handle machine is mainly used with semi-automatic paper bag machine. It can make the flat rope and flat handle by one-time forming the cut four rolls of paper through complex process. At the same time, the manipulator can stick the flat handle on the paper bag to mak…

Detailed introduction


FY-888 Automatic flat paper handle pasting machine




Technical data

外形尺寸 Overall dimension L7000*W1600*H1500mm
电机品牌 Motor brand Longbang geared motor
机器功率 Total power 12.2KW,50HZ
伺服电机品牌 Servo motor brand Siemens
伺服电机功率 Servo motor power 750W one group
PIC编程品牌 PIC programming brand Siemens
热熔胶机品牌 Hot melt machine brand Huangshang Taiwan
机械手 Mechanical arm ELTA Taiwan
纸绳间距(A) Handle Spacing 84mm固定
纸绳宽度(B) Paper Rope Width 12mm
纸绳高度(C) Paper Rope Height 100mm
纸片宽度(D) Paper Width 40mm
纸片长度(E) Paper Length 152mm
纸绳长度 Paper Rope Length 352mm
原纸克重 Paper Gram Weight 80-140g/㎡
纸袋宽度 Bag width 250-450mm
纸袋高度 Bag height 250-450mm


Top opening size over 130mm (Bag Width minus the width of folding )
生产速度 Production speed 33-43pcs/min




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