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Which is better, paper rope or plastic rope?

Paper rope and plastic rope can be used to bind products. In terms of packaging, paper rope and plastic rope are better or worse. Let's have a look today.


In the past, most stores and families used paper rope when they tied up small items. But with the development of science and technology and the acceleration of the pace of people's life, cheap and strong plastic rope came out, and quickly occupied the market, squeezing paper rope into the corner of the market. No one cares about it. The reason is that the cost of plastic rope is relatively low, and it also has the characteristics that previous paper rope can not have, that is, waterproof, not afraid of wet. However, plastic ropes not only lead to the generation of new garbage, but also cause environmental pollution if incinerated improperly. In this case, paper rope has only reappeared in some stores and households, but it is not widely used.
With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, a new type of paper rope which is not afraid of wetting has been developed successfully, and it has the ability to replace the plastic rope. Because the paper rope originally belongs to the recycled product, which is made of kraft paper, recycled kraft paper, Raffia grass and other kinds of composite paper. It is durable, strong and environmentally friendly. It can be recycled and saved resources. The raw materials produced are very extensive. It can also be made with ordinary waste paper, which greatly reduces the cost of production. Therefore, after a long wait, paper rope finally returned to people's lives. Some journalists also learned from environmental experts that with the growing popularity of the concept of health and environmental protection, paper rope and its products will gradually occupy a place in the market, and there is a trend of gradual expansion.
The continuous improvement of paper rope production technology has also led to a lot of paper rope products on the market, such as the needle-through paper rope produced by Yaxin paper rope, knitted paper rope, environmental protection paper rope, toy paper rope, paper rope, hand-pulled paper rope, double-stranded paper rope, multi-stranded paper rope, glue-end paper rope, paper rope hand-pulled, multi-stranded parallel paper rope, flat paper rope, flat paper rope, etc. Core paper rope and so on are all developed on the basis of paper rope. They are also widely used and can be used in various fields.
In terms of decorative materials, the wallpaper that people used at the beginning was also made of paper. Later, it was replaced by the cheaper and non-wet plastic wallpaper. But the plastic wallpaper is also harmful to environmental protection. So when there is environmental protection, non-wet, beautiful and generous paper wallpaper on the market, it will be introduced. It has aroused people's attention. And paper rope has developed more paper cloth which can be used for home decoration and decoration. The paper cloth is not only beautiful and fashionable, but also waterproof and mildew-proof. It is also very in line with the theme of environmental protection that everyone pays attention to. In addition, because of the easy weathering in the process of using the new material, it becomes no longer bright and loses its original aesthetic feeling, but if the use of paper cloth, it can avoid this aspect of trouble. Decoration paper cloth can also be used in its surface anti-fouling treatment, making it more difficult to dirty, even dirty, it can be cleaned up more quickly. So far, this kind of paper cloth has been used in home decoration in some southern cities, and the projection effect of residents is still good.
According to the law of social development, old things will always be replaced by new things, but I believe that between paper rope and plastic rope is not only a simple new thing to replace the old things, because environmental protection in recent years is almost a topic of concern around the world, perhaps it will also be an eternal topic. Therefore, the war between paper rope and plastic rope may continue. It depends on people's choice, but I believe that the future of paper rope will be bright.
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