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Fy-1600 Slitter

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Product introduction:

Fy-1600 slitter is mainly used with printing machine, paper bag machine, hand-held machine, paper rope machine and other equipment. It can take web as raw material and quickly cut the raw material longitudinally to produce narrower web material. This machine is a relatively complete paper processing…

Detailed introduction


This machine mainly provides different width of paper roll to the printing machine, paper handle, paper rope and paper bag machine. The machine uses the web as raw material, cutting the wed fast and lengthwise to make different widths of paper roll. The machine is easy to operate and you can choose the function of automatic skew detection. And the machine is controlled by air loaded tension device. You can cut paper into different width according to your production needs


最大料卷宽度 Max. Material Roll Width 1300mm 1600mm
最大料卷直径 Max. Material Roll Diameter 1000mm 1000mm
最小分切宽度 Min.Slitting width 30mm 30mm
最大成品卷直径 Max. Product Roll Diameter 1000mm 1000mm
最高分切速度 Max. Slitting Speed 100m/min 100m/min
原纸克重 Paper Thickness 30-140g/㎡ 30-140g/㎡
机器功率 Total Power 5.5KW 5.5KW
机器重量 Total weight Appr.2000kg Appr.2500kg
外形尺寸 Overall Dimension L4000*W2000*H1000mm L4000*W2400*H1000mm
张力控制器 气动 气动

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