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Common mistakes in automatic paper bag machine bags



There are spots and bubbles on the cover.
The cover with spots and bubbles refers to the uneven surface of the seal.
Occurrence factors
Hot sealing knife or silicone pad is uneven.
Bubbles will occur when moisture-absorbing materials such as nylon film are heat-sealed.
Lack of heat seal pressure.
One-component adhesives, such as chloroprene rubber, are used in hot-sealing bags. Hot covers are easy to show uneven pits.
The top and bottom films are absolutely forbidden
Upper and lower film pair prohibition refers to the question that the front and back sides are not aligned when the bag is manufactured.
Occurrence factors
The composite film is uneven in thickness and has lotus leaf edges.
The tension of double floating roll is too small.
Some rolls do not rotate smoothly.
Scale error
Occurrence factors
Operating factors, such as inappropriate tension control, lack of pressure setting of pressure cylinder of diaphragm rubber roll, etc. Eye stare is forbidden. The influence of processing speed of plastic composite film bagging. Bag-making machine bag length fixed length system missed a lot.
Although there are mistakes in the automatic paper bag machine bag, it is still an ideal equipment for the production of shopping bags, clothing bags, leisure food bags, bread bags, vomiting bags, dried fruit bags and other environmentally friendly paper bags.


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